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Let’s Go! Dog Training-“pets learning for life”
Bringing motivational dog training to York and the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire.

Alex Schofield Cert.Ed.HNC Animal Management; has been working with dogs for well over twenty years and has a wealth of experience in many areas of the canine world. Her passion has been living, showing, Judging, breeding and working with Ridgebacks. She has gained success in the show ring having made up two Champions, both of which gained their Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold awards, proving that show dogs can be very versatile and yes they can be taught to sit! She has taken part and stewarded at competitive obedience events and given public demonstrations in heelwork to music. These days rather than showing her Rhodesian ridgebacks she is more involved with the rescue and welfare side, organising fun events to raise much needed funds for those ridgebacks that are less fortunate than her own. At the present time Alex owns four Rhodesian ridgebacks, three girls and a boy and a Rhodesian Ridgebacks in YorkCat called Simbacat called Simba, they all live together in harmony.

Alex was one of the first dog trainers in the York area to use clicker training in a class situation; she believes that dogs can problem solve and that training should be enjoyable for the dog as well as the handler. Training should not be about bossing or dominating a dog but rather teaching the dog to want to please its owner through motivation, reward and clear boundaries.

Ridgebacks on the River Ouse, Yorkshire

At Let’s Go! Dog training we aim to teach people how to train their dog but also to give owners an insight into how their dog might see things, quite often the two are not the same which is why training sometimes does not progress as fast as it could. Training a dog is all about two-way communication and timing, these are the skills that we teach owners in class.

Alex is fully qualified to teach adult learners and for several years lectured at Bishop Burton College in Animal Management and Canine Behaviour and Training which was one of the first specifically dog related courses in the country. One of her favourite topics that she lectured on being the evolution of the dog. Many of the up and coming trainers that are emerging may well have been taught by Alex. She is qualified to assess the Kennel Club Good Citizen at all levels.

Courses and seminars attended 1995 –to present time.

Alex’s wide knowledge of dogs has been gained over the years from attending many courses, workshops and seminars with some of the great dog trainers and behaviourists of our time, such as the late John Fisher. Peter Neville, Dr.Ian Dunbar, John Rogerson, Linda Tellington-Jones, Charlie Clarricoats, Ted Turner, Pamela Reid, Professor Ray Coppinger, Mary Rae and Angela White to name but a few. All of these highly experienced experts have been responsible in some way for pioneering and advocating the use of scientific,
modern and motivational training methods to train the family dog.

Listed below are Just a few of the many educational seminars attended by Alex over the years. However, she is committed to furthering her knowledge of modern dog training methods and will continue to attend many courses in the future to enable her to keep pace with any new developments within the dog training industry.

Advanced Pet Instructors course - COAPE - 1995
UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists – Annual Symposium- Oct 1996
City & Guilds The further and adult education teacher’s certificate 730.7 part one. - 1998
Higher National Certificate Animal Care (HNC) (awarded best student) 1996-1998
Judging Pedigree Dogs- Darlington Dog Show Society April - 1998
UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists – Annual Symposium. The Anatomy of Aggression – Oct 1999
Canine aggression parts one/two. Lorraine Margiotta Oct/Nov -1999
Dog Ownership and the Law in the UK. National Canine Defence League. London.
Inherited Diseases – KC/BCA canine health workshop
Socialisation of Dogs – Dr.Ian Dunbar
Midlands and Northern Rhodesian ridgeback Club Seminar- Construction, conformation and gait- April 1999
Calming signals in dogs- Turid Ruugas April 2000
Clicker training seminar – Nina Bondarenko May2000
University of Sunderland Certificate in Education (Cert.Ed.) July 2001
T.Touch Animal Therapy – Linda Tellington Jones (USA)
A weekend seminar with Nina Bondarenko – Feb 2002
Rhodesian ridgeback World Congress – UK 1984. Holland 2000. USA 2004. Ireland 2008.
Heelwork to Music training day- Top Lodge team - Oct. 2003
Richard Curtis Heelwork to music workshop- Oct.
Basic agility training for instructors – Angela White July 2009
A weekend with Nina Bondarenko – Feb 2010
Science-based Dog Training with Feeling. Dr. Ian Dunbar 2,3,4 July 2010

Royal visit to Bishop Burton College

Horses and Dogs display for Queen at Bishop Burton

Bishop Burton College Royal visit 2000. The Queen was treated to a spectacular display of horses and dogs performing a complex routine to music. Alex, who, was not totally comfortable being so close to so many horses cantering about and Mungo her Rhodesian ridgeback who, took it all in his stride were part of the display team.
The Queen commented on Mungo being an African Lion hound, many years ago the Queen was presented with a pair of Rhodesian ridgebacks when they were first introduced to the country and is familiar with the breed.

Good Citizen at Crufts

The demonstration team Alex and Inca far right

The Rhodesian Club of Great Britain was asked to put forward a team of dogs and handlers take part in a Bronze Good Citizen demonstration at Crufts. The aim being to demonstrate that all breeds of dog are capable of gaining at least their Bronze level of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. In fact many of the dogs in that display team have gone on to gain their Gold awards, proving that they are more than capable of learning complex tasks. Alex and Inca her liver-nosed ridgeback are one such partnership. Inca gained her Gold award with flying colours.

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